The need for speed

If the page is loaded only after 3 seconds, a large part of the visitors leaves the website. Also, nearly 80 percent of users who have had poor performance experience avoid the pages permanently and never return. Delaying webpage load time by one second reduces customer satisfaction by approximately 16 percent, not to mention the negative effect on SEO. Those are some of the reasons i focus heavily on optimizing websites and apps for speed.

My philosophy as a developer

I constantly put my self on the spot into unknown situations. This way i manage to learn new skills and improve faster. Even thought i have more experience in the front end i don't believe putting your skills into boxes makes you progress as a developer. I try to be good all around and when i don't have enough time to spend on specific technology i try to at least get a general idea. Everything is a tool in my opinion, it's really important for me to use the correct tool for the correct project and focus on delivering fast and reliable products.

Current skill set

These are some of the technologies i've used over the years. Please contact me to learn more about.

Front end

HTML - CSS (LESS,SCSS) - Javascript (React-Redux) - Typescript

Back end

C# - Node.js - PHP - AMPSCRIPT (Salesforce)


Git - npm - yarn - gulp - cPanel - Plesk - SSL - Netlify - Gatsby - Wordpress - Umbraco - Agile - Scrum

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